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Started by Dan Bishop-Adams, May 04, 2020, 05:08:29 PM

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Dan Bishop-Adams

Hi All,

There are some changes afoot.

We are going to close the storage/maintenance base at Kemble and transfer this to Newquay EGHQ, though Kemble will still be used for training flights where necessary.

Aircraft storage/maintenance at Newquay will be on the Gold & Hotel Aprons (which can apparently accommodate A330 sized aircraft), and the B744 will likely be on the Echo apron. Maintenance will be via Apple Aviation. This change applies to all aircraft listed under the 'hangar' section of the fleet page; these will now be based/stored at Newquay.

Cargo aircraft maintenance will be undertaken by BAMC at Cardiff.

So should you wish to simulate a ferry flight for maintenance, then these are the two places to head to depending on which aircraft you're taking.

The schedules will be amended in due course to reflect aircraft that are used ad-hoc and positioned in from their storage base.

If you have any queries regarding provisions/procedures at Newquay then please contact Daniel Button, Newquay Base Manager; or post your question/comment here and I'm sure he will respond!

Dan Bishop-Adams CLF1/SAV1
VBFC/Severnair Director