Northern Lights Flights

Started by Dan Bishop-Adams, November 29, 2017, 06:36:57 PM

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Dan Bishop-Adams

Hi All,

After a splendiferous idea from our Exeter base manager, Callum, we are introducing Northern Lights flights this year. These will operate throughout December and will depart and arrive at the same airport.

These will be operated by B737 G-SVNU, and will operate from Exeter, Newquay, Bristol, Leeds Bradford and Southampton.

You will see these schedules appear on 1st December and they will operate throughout December. You will see they are marked as 'Christmas' flights on the schedule; don't take too much notice of that - it was just the easiest way to make them a December-only flight.

The flightplan route you use should take you right up to the top of the EGPX FIR boundary (so PEMOS, MATIK, RATSU - that kind of area) then back down again.

Dan Bishop-Adams CLF1/SAV1
VBFC/Severnair Director