Author Topic: Severnair Summer Fly-out  (Read 5973 times)

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Frank Plummer

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Re: Severnair Summer Fly-out
« Reply #15 on: July 08, 2009, 08:52:59 pm »
My sincerest apologies guys for missing this one...

Sunday night I flew for Dave's pre-exam, just climbing out of Bristol, contacted Radar and my laptop decides to go blank. As my laptop handles TeamSpeak, Squawkbox, ActiveSky and has my charts, my FS connection just died. Turns out the HDD in it had cocked up somewhere along the line, and now, three days on, I've only just got it back up and running. Had to whipe everything. >:(

Trust it went as planned?
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Re: Severnair Summer Fly-out
« Reply #16 on: July 11, 2009, 07:39:44 am »
Sorry Dan only just back from a stint at sea!  :(

Dan Bishop-Adams

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Re: Severnair Summer Fly-out
« Reply #17 on: July 12, 2009, 09:48:50 am »
No problem guys.

But for the rest of you...very poor turnout I'm afraid. I'm starting to wonder why I bother organising events. If the events aren't to everyones taste, there is the opportunity to provide feedback and kindly tell me where to stick it :)

If theres an event most of you would like to take part in, one that I haven't yet organised; please post about it!

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